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A Letter To The Gentle Barn

After seeing quotes and words of encouragement about not giving up on your dreams throughout the day, I made 2 major decisions that have been weighing on my heart for while. One of them was to take a big leap of faith, push the fear out of my mind and send a much needed letter! I hope The Gentle Barn founder, Ellie Laks, will at least know how my heart is right with hers on how to treat animals and by no means would I ever go along with anything that might take from the quality of life those beautiful creatures deserve. I sent this letter in hopes to enhance lives, including my own.

The Letter

Big dreams means big risks so after a year or so I have decided to reach out and ask in what way could I possibly be able to be a guest speaker at either Gentle Barns. I remember reading My Gentle Barn and not only being moved throughout the whole book but changing the way I think about my passions and goals when Ellie asked herself what does she have to lose..she has a cow to save! She went door to door asking for money. I guess this is sort of me going door to door. Why would anyone just give a girl that says "I want to be a speaker at your organization" a chance. But, I have a story to tell and people to reach. I know the Gentle Barn and what it represents and does for others is exactly one of the many stops along my journey. 

I sat down today with all these amazing thoughts in my head to write because I am writing a memoir and manage a blog. Nothing but frustration overcome me because I almost feel lost on if any opportunities will come of all the work I have put into this. The only thing I have been able to write today is this message in a tiny comment block! 

I have been selling basically everything in my closet for months to try to raise money for what I am working on. I still don't have what I need so financially I know I would not have the money to get to there to even speak. So nothing is perfect, not even my website that I have had to neglect because I have so many other things to do. I honestly wanted to have everything in better condition before I wrote this, but I have decided to take control of the imperfections and take a huge chance on doing what I am meant to do! Have opportunities to share my story to encourage others. 

If this is something that you think could work in a miracle way I would love to know! If not at this time, then know I am not done trying. When I am able to find a way to get this book published and have money I WILL be there! To support financially, to speak to help heal others, and to hug a cow to heal me! Much love to each and every one of you for what you do and much love to each living creature that walks into your life. 

Love and Light, 

Amanda F. Wright 

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