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aspiring author of a memoir motivating & inspiring along the way by teaching people they are Worthy Of Love & to be proud of their walk of life

Back To School, Back To Bullying

Tomorrow there will be a lot of lives that will enter into a "war" zone. Some, it will be a new experience while others it will be something that has already made their innocent childhood years miserable. School is starting again and although we all like to think this is a special monumental occasion while picking out our first day of school outfits and filling our brand new smelling backpacks with unused pencils and notebooks and taking those photos as we walk out the door, for some it's a day that marks 9 months of having to be courageous, strong, silent, absent, sick, nervous, terrified, lonely, hungry. 

Bullying is a huge epidemic in today's society. I don't have to be an expert and have statistics to know this fact. For one, I survived it. For two, everywhere you look there is nothing but judgement. Someone doesn't like how people dress, someone else doesn't like the color of someone's skin, a group of people is against another's belief and lifestyle, and some people simply don't have any particular thing they don't like, they are acting out because they are too busy judging themselves and taking it out on others. What breaks my heart is seeing all these young lives excited and happy about school but they don't know yet just how hard it could possibly be for them. My wish for each and every child starting school, no matter the age or grade, is they can walk the hallways without fear, sit at lunch surrounded by true friends, and go home with happy stories to tell. For those that won't get those experiences, I want you to know that you are stronger than ANY of those people who make you feel less than who you are and what you deserve to feel. As my mother used to say, "you have more strength and courage in your little finger than they have in their whole bodies!" This time is only temporary. I know it doesn't feel like it but it will end! You will be able to move on from this. I wouldn't tell you that if I hadn't  already overcome it myself!

My mission for this school year is to tell more people, including school age kids, about my story and to shine light and hope into their worlds. I want to prepare them mentally for the future by teaching them they are WORTHY of Love in this temporary, ever changing situation.  I'm not only here just for those who are being bullied but here to hopefully change the minds of those that do the bullying. I also hope to bring awareness to the fact that some teachers and other school officials do not do anything to discourage this activity and this is a huge problem. If you are an adult that works around any school age child, it is your responsibility to provide a SAFE environment for learning, growing and teaching. I am extremely passionate about this issue because of what happened to me. As I have spent time talking to others who have experienced and survived bullying, I have learned that I am not the only one who has had issues with teachers or other school officials. I may need some good vibes sent my way to be able to deliver this message in a way that will be received in order to change their minds! As we all know, it is harder to change the way an adult acts and thinks versus that of a child. I feel I will be going against the current on this one, but if we are never willing to make waves then we will never see changes!    

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