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New Season, New Projects

It is always hard to give up something you have worked so hard nourishing and creating all on your own, but sometimes the "giving up" is more of a trade up! This is exactly where I found myself for a couple weeks, right in the middle of knowing it is time for me to solely dedicate myself to finishing this book.

I have spent all summer and into the fall selling selling and...more selling! What have I been selling, you ask?! Clothes! I have practically sold everything in my closet. In fact, that is what I call it: Selling My Closet. Five full months.. selling clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry.. everything! I set up a Facebook account just for that and posted each individual item with the info and price. I still can't believe I had over a 160 complete strangers who added this account as a friend. I seriously did not know of a single person prior. And they bought! Repeatedly! I put so much into it-more than any of my buyers will ever know. It was truly a time consuming labor of love. 

"Whatever you do, do with passion and love."

I decided at the beginning of the summer I had too many clothes I didn't wear and no longer served me on the journey I am taking. It was a little challenging to let go of some of the things, but I kept telling myself that God had bigger things in store for me. So, I sold them... all on faith to help me raise money for my name, my brand, my whole empire... especially when it comes time to get this book published. (A little update on that: I have been steadily working on that and so excited about hopefully being done with it in 2016!)



Lately, I have been having that familiar feeling like it is time for this season to end! So.. with one last huge attempt, I decided to pack up everything I had left (about 100 items or so), mark things down to sell and go set it up in a parking lot for people to come look through. (You have to get creative when you don't have a garage or a yard. Ah..the joys of apartment living!) I had even created a Facebook "event" and invited everyone to come. Once again, I was speechless at the people who said they would come, it was more than those who said they 'might attend'. I think I even woke up that day with a pep in my step and thrilled to be ending one chapter just in time to begin another. 

Not a single one of my over 160 "friends" ended up showing up which I was fully prepared for and in a way looked for that to happen. I did have a friend that I made through selling to show up to sit with me for over an hour. Some may say I ended this on a bad note, but it couldn't feel more high if I did sell all 100 items. This project will always be special to me because it taught me that I can create something, I can gain a following base, and I can be successful. It helped me out of a low point I was in and taught me to believe in me and my mission again. I gained more than an empty closet and money to help support my work. I have met some amazing people and made connections that I would have never dreamed to have and even learned how to deal with those few inconsiderate individuals. I know I will walk away from this with at least one friend for life while inspiring a handful of people who in returned inspired me.

If MY goals are important enough to succeed then so are yours! We are all Worthy Of Love and everything else our hearts desire. Lives were changed through clothes and it wasn't just my own! Just as I was willing to give up many of my beloved clothes 5 months ago in exchange for something better, I am willing to trade up for my next assignment from God. The trick is to follow your heart in knowing when it is time to end something in your life. -Xo

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