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Hot Wassail

Disclaimer: This crock-pot hot drink recipe is not meant to be healthy; only delicious, comforting, and  addicting! 


I have been making Hot Wassail for years. It is something that is highly requested at family holiday dinners. I am fully aware there is a lot of added sugar to it but some traditions are hard to change. ;) I figured there isn't a better time to post this then while most of the states are covered in some form of winter precipitation. It not only will help keep you warm while you admire the blanket of white out your window, but you will thank me later for making your home smell amazing!  


2 Cups Water

1/2 Cup Sugar

2 Quarts Apple Juice

2 Quarts Cran-apple Juice

3 Cinnamon sticks (Or 2 larger sized ones)

2 Whole Allspice


Dissolve the sugar into water. Add all ingredients to crock-pot. Cook for at least 5 hours on high heat. Perfect for saving to warm up later.

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