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aspiring author of a memoir motivating & inspiring along the way by teaching people they are Worthy Of Love & to be proud of their walk of life

WOL: Love Yourself Enough To Not Give Up

What better time than Valentine’s to be reminded you are Worthy Of Love and not to give up on those New Years visions you had for yourself! 

Ever have those moments where you get so discouraged that you want to give up completely with what you’re working on or working towards? Well, I know just how that feels. The truth is (and even I tend to forget) you are worthy of getting past the discouragement to see your hard work pay off. This is why I want to send out a monthly newsletter reminding each other that we don’t need to settle for less than what our dreams are made of. I hope that you share with a friend or someone else who may need this reminder as an invitation to be part of this Worthy Of Love cause I am striving to create. It is so much more than reminding one another we are all Worthy Of Love; it is about really believing that we are!

I haven’t always had the most abundance of love and acceptance in my own life. In fact, I survived through being brutally bullied and discriminated against through most of my school days. I know how it feels to be told you will not ever be able to do something and have your dreams demolished by someone who is in power. But you know what, if that little girl can persevere and not listen to a single person who tried to stand in her way, then so can we!  I was a very shy person through school and most of the school did not accept that I wanted to keep to myself and be quiet. I was only there to learn and had dreams of graduating with honors, top of my class, full paid scholarship to college and go on to be a successful woman. However, those dreams began to be taken from me at the end of my 9th grade year. Teachers began to pull me aside to tell me I wouldn't be allowed to be in honors classes, the school counselor told me I would never be able to graduate, and the high school principal called me into his office to look me in the eyes and say, “I have researched for months for a way for you to graduate and prayed every night to find a way and there just isn't a way.” In that moment, I knew in my heart I would graduate and obviously he wasn't praying to the same God I was... if he was even praying at all!

I graduated from high school, not with honors or being top of my class as I had been until my 9th grade year. I didn't even receive a scholarship. Those things were part of the discrimination I experienced all because I was shy and could not make myself give a speech in front of the class. I went on to graduate 3 more times with my highest earned degree being a Masters of Business Administration. Today, that terribly shy little girl is sitting here with a dream of standing before crowds of people telling this story in hopes to inspire people across the world that they are just as worthy to not give up or to listen to those who say there is no way. God can pave that way even when man thinks there is none. 

There is so much more to tell about my own personal story of surviving bullying from students and the adults who worked at that school. I will be working on reaching out to tell more throughout this year. Also, I am excited to finally announce I have scheduled a podcast that will be coming up very soon where I will be discussing more on those days of when people made me feel I was not worthy of anything, but I refused to give up. As I have matured and grown wiser, I do not feel I was given a name with such a meaning as Worthy Of Love for no reason at all, and I want to spread the love across the globe so we all are reminded we were made to be WORTHY of every and anything that our hearts desire!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Remember true love starts from within so do something special for yourself today whether you are single or not. 

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