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Worthy Of Love Day 2

This challenge is actually very liberating and rewarding. After just one day, I feel more love with a bounce in my step. I have been contemplating (and praying) on what to write about to think/meditate on each day this week when it was brought to my attention last night that this is the week for National Suicide Prevention Awareness. I hope this challenge I am doing for myself may touch even that one person who needs love and light in their own life. 

Listen. It's such a simple word that is not integrated into our daily lives near enough. Everyone deserves to be heard. I know, for myself, this is something I struggle with. It's especially hurtful when the people you care about the most or want so badly to be interested in your life won't even take the time to stop looking at their phones, sit down, look you in the eyes, and say "How are you?" "How has your life been?"

I absolutely love this quote I just found (posted below) because I don't know if anything is more true about listening. This includes, listening to that voice inside yourself. Some, like myself, refer to it as God, but for others it may be classified as the universe, conscious, guidance..whatever you call it, we all have a divine voice to be heard. 

We are worthy to feel the love from others who listen. We are also worthy of feeling the love in return when we go out of our way to listen to someone else. You never know what you may learn or who you may help or even what new friend you could make. The rewards of listening are as significant as the rewards of love. I am going to make a vow to be more open to listening to my inner voice until the voice of God is louder than my daily noises. I also want to work on not talking as much to those who do not listen to me. It gets so exhausting, stressful, hurtful, and unsettling having to repeat myself or "fight" for their attention when it's obvious they are not interested. Family, friends, complete strangers..If they don't care, it is time to make room for those who do. I am so worth being heard because what I say does matter. My words have a purpose, just like me, and I deserve to be surrounded by those who take the time to listen to what my life is all about. 


There is nothing shameful about suicidal thoughts. In fact, I wouldn't even go as far as to say anyone knows exactly how YOU feel to tell you that what you're feeling is wrong. Your story is unique and only you know what you are facing, but I do encourage you to reach out to someone with a nonjudgmental listening ear. You are WORTHY to take that chance for yourself. You are WORTHY for someone to listen to you. You are WORTHY to not be judged but to be validated and given hope to take a chance on this crazy thing called life. You are WORTHY to be heard and to make a difference. So many people are alone and if you are one of those people, you can reach out to a professional by looking up the suicidal hotline number in your area. 

Please take the time to listen to one person today, even if it's just that little whispering voice within yourself. Light & Love Your Way!  

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