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aspiring author of a memoir motivating & inspiring along the way by teaching people they are Worthy Of Love & to be proud of their walk of life

Worthy Of Love Day 1

I decided there's no better time to start something I have been wanting to do than today. And, being that it is #MotivationMonday really makes it significant. I have challenged myself to a week (baby steps) of Worthy Of Love thoughts. If this works, I will continue it on. As some of you know, Worthy Of Love is the meaning of my name, and I am on my own personal journey to find out why I was given a name with such a meaning when I haven't had the most abundance of love and acceptance in my life.

This first thought comes from something I read on Pinterest. I know it isn't the best quote for this but it stuck for me. I have had some major realizations over the summer about people who are in my life. Some have been placed in my life for over a decade or even considered family, but just because someone comes into your life does not mean they are meant to stay. I feel when a person becomes more of a negative emotion in your life then it is time to set them free. Through the hurt, there's something very freeing in knowing the truth. Thank you, God, for showing me truth and making my load lighter. Because...I am WORTHY to be surrounded by people who care about me unconditionally, will take the time to listen to me-good or bad, will not have feelings of jealously or judgement, always there when I need them, and will provide me with the truth and support no matter what....and I will NOT settle for anything less. How do you want to be treated by the people in your life?  


I, now, challenge each one of you to take this on with me. This world is full of people who have lost or never experienced what it is like to have self worth and value. One by one, including myself, we can change this!  #WorthyOfLove 

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