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Worthy Of Love Day 7

How refreshing it has been to live the whole week with Worthy Of Love thoughts. In everything I did this week, I lived as though I am worthy to feel love, acceptance, understanding, and balance. I hope you will continue to read my posts as I continue to surround myself with thoughts, people, and things that are worthy of my time. I would like to make every Sunday a Worthy Of Love day and will try to post weekly on this subject. Thank you again, to all who has read and become a part of my self challenge this week. -Xo

I want to end this week's challenge with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite people. I knew all week I was going to do this post and couldn't wait to share it with you. I hope you read these words, meditate on them, truly believe them, and are able to apply them to your life. You are worthy to feel the love just by being the true authentic you that you are created to be. God never attended on us being just like someone else. We all think, do things, like things, believe, value, and love the way we do for a reason.  

I wish we lived in a world with no judgement. I wish people could except others for the way they are. We are all created as equal, and we all have a unique reason for being here. I have to say it takes a lot of courage in today's world to feel secure enough to be who you are and to go after what you like. I have been open about how I have survived severe bullying and discrimination through most of my school years. I do understand how it feels to be attacked just because you are different, but I am very comfortable in my own skin today. I actually love the person I am even though my open mindedness and different lifestyle causes me to be isolated, for the most part, from the world at the moment. My life is different from how people here, in this small area live. They are like most small towns and live more of a cookie cutter lifestyle and I am well... way more free spirited, opened minded, and just don't have anything in common with where I live. I am not saying how they choose to live is wrong, I am just saying I choose not to live like that. To be honest, I have felt completely misplaced all of my life and cannot wait to find out where I am meant to be so I can flourish and be accepted in order to give the world what I have to offer it. 

Embrace your differences, love yourself for your flaws or at least allow someone else to fall in love with them because you are WORTHY to stand out and feel comfortable being your true authentic self! If having less people in your life means you are more settled within yourself then this is a change you need to make. Don't allow the judgement of others to keep you from feeling self love. Quality over quantity when it comes to who is part of your life. I sent out this challenge a while back from a previous post, Facebook Challenge, and thought it applied to what I am discussing today:

"Challenge:  Everyone reading this to show more compassion. You never know if someone’s “uniqueness” might just be the journey that God has called them on. God is Love." 

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