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Worthy Of Love Day 6

I can't believe there is only one day left of my Worthy Of Love self challenge. It has been a remarkable week for myself doing something I have been wanting to do. I hope I have made an impact on just one person with my words. I am going to keep today's challenge short since I am a little exhausted from the past couple of posts. I promise tomorrow's will be great-I am finishing the week off with one of my favorite quotes!

I recently watched an episode on the OWN channel that was part of a Maya Angelou tribute. You may get tired of me referring to or talking about this legend, but to me, she cannot be learned from enough and there's no limit on sharing her words. This was an episode from 1993 when she sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an interview. Maya mentioned something about a "Blow Bitten Blow" concept that completely resonated with me.

Blow Bitten Blow is when someone is constantly "blowing" on you and they take a quick "bite" then go back to "blowing". The example she gave was about one of her boyfriend's. They attended an event where she overheard him saying the dress she was wearing didn't look good on her. She said as soon as they got home she packed up his stuff and sent him on his way. He said she was going to the extreme over something so small. In true Maya Angelou fashion, she spoke up and said she wasn't because she was not about to continue to allow someone to keep taking "bites" out of her or else she would be missing part of an ear or some of her hair and eventually there would be nothing left. Her advice is to just say "Stop it!'

When people are mean to you, something inside you dies. This is why it is important to take control over who you are around. This is also a reflection from my first post on Worthy Of Love Day 1 when I talked about what I was worthy to have with people who are a part of my life. Maya also talks about how when people talk about you it is none of your business. You are not in it. It has to do with them, not you. I have to remind myself that you cannot control anyone but yourself including how you choose to react to a situation.  If someone or something has a negative effect on you then avoid it or show it no power at all.

You are worthy to experience the control of your own actions. Learning that you have the ultimate power over yourself is truly learning to live with self love. Give yourself enough credit and tell yourself that "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!"-Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing


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