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Back To School Time

It's back to school time! For some, it is an exciting time while for others it may mean a time to fear the personal attacks of others. As someone who has survived bullying and discrimination just for being me, I can completely relate. My heart breaks for those young hearts.. Both the sufferer and the attacker.

This school year will be the first full one that I try to reach out to get my story told. I not only hope to land my book deal, but I hope to have the chance to talk to groups about what it means to survive something so detrimental. My main goal is to bring awareness to the fact that bullying happens not only by the classmates but by the administration as well. Being an adult, and looking back over the years I suffered, it is harder for me to understand why people that are the center of our future generation's learning can get away with what they do or allow in their own classrooms. First step in changing something is to bring awareness to it. This is way more common than you think. 

Also, I want to shine a new light on how bullying is viewed. I have mentioned time and time that I am a PROUD survivor of bullying. That simply means I am a little bit of hope for someone else who has or is suffering from bullying. I want each person who has been bullied to stand strong in their strength. Unfortunately, I don't see bullying coming to an end anytime soon. BUT, we can change the way we look at it and take our power back. All bullies want is to have a negative impact on someone else (for whatever reason is within themselves). If we start to stand strong together and show them that they cannot get us down because what they say and do does not matter then we take OUR power back. 

It is time we have a movement that is about us..the victims and less about the bully and how to prevent it. Survivor story after survivor story can impact this nation alone in such a remarkable movement. So, lets start talking! All ages.. we all need to be heard for not just someone else but for ourselves. Look at what we overcome. Some people don't make it out to see there is light at the end of bullying. 

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