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You Win Some, You Lose Some

I recently entered another contest. This one was for what has to be like one of my favorite brands ever-Dogeared Jewelry! Now, let me just elaborate for a minute on their remarkable dainty jewelry. For starters, I do not own enough! And, second, I am a sucker for things that have deeper meanings behind it. Each piece is so symbolic to a persons life, beliefs, and future "wishes" (check out their make a wish collection). So....when I saw this contest it had my name written ALL over it.

They have a I AM collection that features certain inspirational words etched on each piece and was needing a new word. For a month, I knew what word I was going to choose and couldn't wait to enter...except life happens and with my busy schedule it almost cost me to miss out. So on the last day, I saw the end of entering the contest post by Dogeared, printed my sheet out, and put my brain on creative mode. Within a couple hours, I had a vision that resulted in me throwing on a jumpsuit and headband-no need for makeup... I was already in bed in my pajamas. After a few hand printed misprints of my brilliant word (or so my heart thought), I was ready to snap the "selfie" from a farther angle to be different. This is what I posted on Instagram:

So... my vision didn't quite turn out the way I wanted, but time didn't allow for much editing. By the way, I'm a pro at tree pose.. like, I can become a hula dancer and not come out of pose. But, doing it in branches were swaying, and I thought for a couple seconds I was going to be uprooted! ;) It was actually a nice challenge for a change and probably not the safest for the ankles. 

My chosen # IAM word for this challenge was WORTHY. At this time in my lie, I am on a personal journey I like to call Worthy of Love since my name, Amanda, has that meaning. I haven't had the most abundance of love and acceptance in my life and want to find out why I was give a name with such a meaning. I feel like everyone needs to be reminded daily that they are worth more and that each one of our dreams do deserve to come true-no matter how big they are. I know I need the reminder! 

  i am collection at

 i am collection at

For me, this opportunity meant making an impact on others. Creating something that will help bring awareness to the name and empire I am trying to make for myself. Given the chance to support a charity of my choice with some of the proceeds of each item sold with my word on it going toward the cause. There are a few I hope I get the chance to help bring awareness to one day. We all know how close working with charities is to my heart...It's essentially what I'm working towards.  

So, Dogeared, if you get to read this, I hope to have another opportunity to work with you in the future. I've always had a little jewelry designer in me anyway! :) Congratulations, to the lucky winner! I look forward to seeing your word and charity you pick. I hope this closing door means there are bigger things to come my way! 

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