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I'm making a move!

I'm moving! Facebook pages that is. I'm currently in the middle of deleting my current personal Facebook account that I've had since April 16, 2009 and relocating to a fresh new start! I have to admit it was very bittersweet to read over all the inspiring and complimentary comments made over the years and know I am about to delete them. It was sort of like a lose.... Wait a minute! What am I talking about!? I don't like Facebook or so I thought. I'm hoping my feelings of it will change more toward the positive side once I continue on this new step in my journey. I am hoping to be surrounding by people who genuinely care about me and what I am doing. (And, what better way to get rid of any potential posts that might be able to sneak back up in my life later.)

After it was all said and done, it was what needed to happen. I'm really liking the way I've got my personal and public pages set up. Now, to finish a few more steps before I start adding the lucky people back into my social world! What they don't realize is they are about to be hit with what I've been working on for the past months. It's going to be like a reveal party!

Here are some feelings I had while reading over my old posts and comments: 

-I really felt just as much love, if not more, as the first day I read them. This time in my life was one of those times I needed to feel the over pouring of support.  

-I am surrounded by more people than I thought that truly care for me. Unless they are fakers and have me fooled!

-Why didn't I make that road trip happen!? Or that cup of my case tea. There's so many more memories that could have been made with the ones I care for.  

-I miss sissy time. It's practically obsolete.  

-I feel so lucky to have had the chance to have the laughter, the memories, the reminiscing, the fun, the marking of milestones together, the new friendships and rekindle of the old, the chance to see who really cared and who did not, and the chance to keep the ones that do around in my life.

-And, last but most monumental, I am so proud of my transition I made from being a partner in life to finding my own and recreating everything in me to stand alone and be who I am today. God was with my every step during that time. Thank you, to each one of you that was a part of helping me heal rather you knew it or not.   

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