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Liebster Award

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award! This is so exciting to be recognized by a fellow blogger. Thank you, Shanna Madrazo at for the nomination! -Xo

Rules for accepting the award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to the person in your post.

2. Answer the questions that were given to you in a blog post.

3. Create 11 new questions for 5-11 nominees and let them know.   


1. What inspired you to start your own blog?

I have a mission of writing my inspiring story of how I survived bullying and discrimination through most of my school years. I am using this website to make sure I set my story up for success by gaining a following base. Once my book is published, I want people to see there is more to me than just a person who was once bullied. So, I want to share my passions of beauty, style, health, and motivation and see what opportunities may come out of this whole journey. 

2. What are your current favourite fashion trends?

Rompers. They are super comfy, stylish, perfect for any age or size, and can be easily dressed up or dressed down. I think I have been in love with them since I was a little girl. And, so excited they have become acceptable for grown "little girls" to wear! I also adore the layering of jewelry. 

3. Name three of your daily go-to makeup products. 

I honestly do not wear makeup on a daily basis. I am usually working from home in my pajamas most days. So, I make sure I wash and moisturize my face daily. The three products I am using are: Algenist, Kate Somerville, Dr. Dennis Gross. All products are cruelty free.  

4. What's your favourite ice cream?

Oh my! Salted Caramel Gelato by Talenti....Looks like that needs to be added to my grocery list, too! 

5. Link one of you favorite posts and why?

I love love love this question!! Every time I think about the posts I have put my heart and time into, this one always makes me feel amazing. It may not technically be the best one I've done, but it is certainly my favorite. I wrote this in maybe an hour or less on a very mushy brain from work overload. I was about to call it a night and go rest and just like that SJP was born. I even got a comment from the editor of Nordstroms. 

6. What's the one beauty product you cannot live without?


7. Name one trend you think is/was over-rated. 

Real fur of any kind. Be kind to animals. "I'd rather go naked than wear fur." 

8. Name one of your favourite high-end and drugstore makeup brands.

I am completely in love with NARS products. In fact, I may be on the verge of being married to this higher end makeup products. I recently discovered a newer drugstore brand that I am actually in the middle of posting a whole blog post on. Flower, by the famous Drew Barrymore. It is exclusively found at Walmart stores and online. The products are lovely.

9. Have you bought a product purely for the hype? (leaving this vague for you:)

Not that I can think of. I don't tend to go along with crowds. 

10. Have you ever experienced 'blogger's block' and how did you overcome it?

All. The. Time. Who doesn't? I try to focus on other things to get new inspirations. Some times taking a break and not trying so hard is when the best writing comes to mind. Also, being busy with something you can't stop, like taking a shower, will come some of the most profound ideas. Tip: Buy bath time Crayola crayons and take notes in the shower ;)

11. What are you wearing right now?

I am sitting in my bed, laptop at hand, wearing one of my favorite things-pink floral satin pajamas from Victoria's Secret. 


I love the questions by Shanna. Thank you! I may have to use a couple of yours for my own ;) This not only made me feel special to be nominated, but I feel like this will allow me to be able to pass on this acknowledgement to other bloggers. Chain-like blog post or not.. this is one I was more than happy to take part in!

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Enjoy, lovelies, and don't forget to post your link in my comments so I can read your responses! 

1. What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you from having a blog?

2. What inspired you to start a blog?

3. Which Disney character best represents you and why?

4. What are the three top beauty items you would recommend all your followers try?

5. Name your favorite website when shopping online.

6. Who are your iconic fashion figures?

7. Heels or flats?

8. Post the link to your favorite post and tell why.

9. Best advice you have been given and pass on to other bloggers.

10. What time period/era would you live in and why?  

11. What is your favorite quote you try to live by?

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