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UK Campaign Opportunity

I started the month of July off with quite the opportunity! I am excited to announce that my dream of reaching my very own Proud Survivor of Bullying story across the world has come A LOT sooner than I had ever expected. Stand Up Speak Out has decided to support my campaign idea, Proud Survivors. They are a successful anti-bullying campaign that is based in the UK and are known globally, especially on Twitter @SpeakOutLoudUK. I am not sure what opportunities may arise with this, but I am going to take them in as they come. 

Please, go support me and this campaign @ProudSurvivors on Twitter. I cannot even describe how rewarding it is to read the stories people are willing to share. I have so much more I want to accomplish with this campaign, but for now it is a great small beginning to what will become something so much bigger! 

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