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Styling Chic Elephants

My bohemian style is beginning an obsession with elephants! I saw Kristin Davis, best known for her role as Charlotte in Sex and the City, on The Oprah Winfrey Show a few years ago talking about the elephant orphanage in Africa. She is a Patron of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where they rescue and protect elephants and black rhinos. I have been dreaming of the day I can go over there and feed a baby elephant a bottle and thinking it may be time to finally break down and foster one of my very own. Can you imagine what it would feel like to visit and have an animal of this nature always remember who you are! If you would like to do the same or help support the cause, visit:

Here is a little bit of interesting knowledge I ran across: Elephants were worldly popular though the early 20th century until in the 1930's, usually carved in jade or cast in silver. The United States is the country who viewed only the elephants with their trunks up as good luck. While I wait for my dream to come true, I will admire the many elephant items to remind me just how lucky I really am in life. Since elephants mean good luck, I thought I would share some good fortune your way (all with their trunks up)!

1. Dogeared Jewelry has the perfect elephant necklace. I love their dainty jewelry with special meanings for every day wear (and layering). If I could, I would order one of everything! I promise this will not be the last time you see me mention them. 

2. I found this adorable, hand printed elephant flowy tank on Etsy! I think it is about to find a home in my closet. They come in a variety of colors ranging from S to XXL. If you like this, the Etsy shop has many more options.

3. The moment I laid eyes on these lovelies, I knew they were mine! And, I still cannot stop looking at them. House of Harlow 1960, by Nicole Richie, Samy flats.

4. I stumbled across Let me just say, I was impressed as I fell completely in love with this beautiful elephant for my home!  

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