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Standing Victorious™ with Victoria DiNatale

Social media is powerful. BUT, social media mixed with God is even more amazingly powerful! One tweet to a mutual cause, a follow from a complete stranger (@StandVictorious), a couple (or a hundred) tweets and website views later... let's just say, I've never been a believer in coincidences.

If you haven't heard of this amazing Survivor of Bullying, or as she refers to herself as someone who is Standing Victorious™ today, then I would be honored to refer you to check out the brave, strong, and courageous, Victoria DiNatale. She is a 22 year old who is living her life bringing awareness to a cause very close to myself. She's the founder of Standing Victorious, LLC. and a Bullying Breakdown columnist. She goes around to schools motivating by telling her story of how she endured severe bullying during her middle and high school years, and how she has overcome those obstacles related to being bullied on a day to day basis. We both have a love of God with a common goal of working to glorify Him as we help others along their own personal journey of being bullied.

I would love for you to get to know her because I, for one, cannot wait to be able to meet face to face with this inspirational Survivor. You can learn more about her own personal story or have her come to your school to speak by visiting her website: 

Remember, bullying doesn't just effect the one being bullied, it effects the whole world!

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