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Facebook Challenge

Today I took to Facebook..... To be completely honest, it was one of the hardest breakthroughs I have went through while being on this journey that God has called me upon. I was torn by revealing something of my past to people who have no clue what I have went through and speaking out for the first time to where people who bullied me could read it. I decided to follow my heart instead of giving in to the fear and anxiety. I am pleased at how very tastefully done it turned out since I would have loved to have said a lot more, but I held off because soon my whole story will be available for others to read. Since my website is my own personal safe space, with no filters, I do want to add that not only was I bullied by other students but by teachers, counselors, and the principal as well. I was told for several years there would be no way I would even graduate... 4 graduations later, my highest earned degree hanging on my wall is a master's degree from an accredited University. I wanted to share my words since they are VERY rare to find on Facebook. And, to let you know that this will not be the last time you hear about bullying from me. I hope these words help at least one person.  


Thanks for challenging me to post one of my favorite versus. My heart was torn on even taking this chain letter like challenge but these words and opportunity was put in my heart to do so. It may come to a surprise to many of you that I was severely bullied and discriminated against through most of my grade school years.  With all the ugliness that comes with that, even for years after, this promise from God sees me through:


“I will restore the years that were stolen, give you beauty for those ashes, weeping may endure for a night, but joy is coming in the morning.” –My healer, counselor, best friend, creator… God

I declare I will restore double to you –Zechariah 9:13

Instead of shame you shall have double honor –Isaiah 61:7


Challenge:  Everyone reading this to show more compassion. You never know if someone’s “uniqueness” might just be the journey that God has called them on. God is Love. 

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