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Easy DIY Headband

Spring is FINALLY here! And, I've got the perfect simple way to make your own headbands to wear during the season. It's so easy you could do it in your pajamas  with a cozy blanket...just as I have done here! 


You will need:

Decorative Ribbon 

Elastic to match   

Thread to match  




Start by measuring your head, saving a little bit of space for the elastic. I use somewhere between 2-3 inches of elastic. Take into consideration if the ribbon has any give to it because you want if to fit snug on your head. After you have cut your ribbon and elastic to size, thread your needle. I always cut my thread long enough to do both sides so I don't have to go through the hassle of threading the needle a second time. 


Next, tightly sew the elastic to one end of the ribbon.


Once you have it completely sewn, you can cut off any excess ribbon and thread then start on the other side. 


When finished, you should have a beautiful crafty headband you can wear. Don't worry about the imperfections of your sewing or the elastic.... it will be hidden under your hair anyway. 


I've made a couple different ones. I actually like this DIY since my head is smaller than average. Most headbands I have tried on have been too big. Now, I'm on a mission for other decorative ribbons to use! 


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