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Bath Time Detox

 Photo courtesy of Pinterest 

Photo courtesy of Pinterest 

Over the weekend, I was able to spend a couple days doing some spring cleaning! Which ended in me taking a relaxing bath in Epsom salts from all my hard work. I do not take many baths but when I do, I find these kinds very beneficial and wanted to share this tip with you. 

Start by running some nice steamy warm water. Then, add some Epsom salt (be very generous) and swirl it in so it will dissolve. And, don't forget to throw on that herbal facial masque that's been sitting on your bathroom shelf for awhile before jumping in! Submerge as much of your body as possible for 15 mins. Follow with a shower to rinse it all off because just like Tamar Braxton says-baths are...well...gross! 

I use Dr Teal's Epsom Salt brand which you can buy at your local drugstore for under $5. I personally like the eucalyptus spearmint fragrance, but you can choose lavender or chamomile.....I use so much eucalyptus that a koala would be in love with me!

I also read that Jennifer Lawrence uses this technique right before any big red carpet event to help eliminate any signs of bloat...that alone is worth trying it for! 

Just like my spring cleaning, our bodies need a little freshening up too. So, go..and enjoy drawing those toxins out, eliminating bloat, and relaxing your sore and tired muscles! Also, be sure to stay hydrated because you will be glistening like a diamond ;)


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