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Date with Nate

A "Date with Nate".......Ahhhh, I remember those days all so well. I would set my DVR to record The Nate Berkus Show every single day and have my "dates" whenever I could have alone time long enough for a marathon. I even have a notebook where I started writing down creative tips and ideas! I seriously hate the fact I have not made the time or have had the resources in order to see many of them through. I always had great intentions on creating a website showing the steps to DIY projects. And, don't get me started on how disappointed I am that I never had the chance to be featured in his House Proud segment. I suppose all things happen for a reason and even though those opportunities failed, I hope to have new and better ones and still be able to meet the inspiring Nate Berkus to let him know how much I absolutely love him. I have even looked into becoming an Interior Designer just so I may have the chance of meeting him or working with him! But, to be honest, after getting my MBA, I may be a little burned out. 

So, Nate, Congratulations on your recent marriage! I am genuinely happy for you and so inspired by you. I have been following you since you were on The Oprah Winfrey Show talking about how you lost the love of your life. What an incredible story and journey you have been on. You give so many people hope, including myself, in finding real love again after a tragedy, no matter the source. Love and best wishes to you and yours! XOXO

For all of you who are still reading this post after my love-fest towards Nate, you can have a little bit of him in your home, too! Check out his home line at and in stores. (And, look for a future post with all my favorite Nate items.) You can also catch re-runs of his show airing on the OWN channel. 

I wanted to share a few tips I use in my own home decorating, courtesy of Nate Berkus, of course!

1. If you don't absolutely love something, don't have it in your home! I even apply this rule to my closet. Because, life really is too short and valuable to have things that don't bring you joy.

2. Decorating should tell a story. The story of who you are, where you have been, what you love! Use things you bought on vacation, display your great grandmother's pearls, or frame and hang your favorite quote you that inspires you.  

3. Decorating is like fashion; the colors and trends tend to be the same. Only they hang around a little longer within your home.

4. And, just as you would splurge on a pair of classic premium quality jeans but not so much on that trendy shirt, you do the same with decorating. Spend money on a nice couch but hit the second hand stores for that one of a kind table that may or may not need a little TLC to make it your own. 


This was so much fun! I may have to pull out my old notebook and frequently give more Nate tips. 


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