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You could imagine my excitement when I found out Sarah Jessica Parker was going to be debuting her shoe line at Nordstrom on February 28. And then... To find out she was a designer that remembered us size 5 people! I was even more in love with her. Each pair has their own personality and a name to go with it. Inspired partly from the 80s, the era I was born in, there are a few pairs that take me right back to being a little girl in a frilly ruffled dress pretending to be Cinderella. And, obviously I wasn't the only one reminiscing about my childhood because SJP added a bit of her childhood to the back of each heel by adding a piece of grosgrain like the ones she would wear in her hair. 


So this leaves me with just one question: If I were a shoe, which one would I be......


There are a few that absolutely inspires me, speaks to me, and takes me back to different periods of my childhood.  


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Carrie would be for my inner ball room dancer. Sophisticated and timeless. Worn those times I would want to dress up and feel like a woman. I use to own a pair, in nude, to church every Sunday. It was one of my firsts, if not first, pair of grown up heels. Aaaaaahhhh...... to be able to own these, put these on my feet, and go back in time for a moment. 

Maud, in multi purple/green/rose, would be my inner little girl. In fact, I had a pair of sandal flats that looked just like these. These little beauties would be that shoe you would call upon to instantly boost your mood. Or wear around the house with your sweats while cleaning. 

Diana.....oh, Diana! What an eloquent shoe. Named after one of the most fascinating people of my time. I even wrote a research paper on her life during my tenth grade year of school. Being the same age, I always wanted to marry Prince William and use to talk about it all the time while I was growing up. 

Fawn is a shoe I feel represents me as a woman today. It is a classic simple pump that comes in my signature color turquoise/teal. It has a little bit of a Bohemian vibe, and you will quickly find out just how much there is an inner hippie within me.  

I couldn't leave this without at least mentioning a couple others... Alison, a laced up sexy bootie that I have already mentally paired with a few outfits. (These look even more amazing on.) Etta, a delicate and feminine shoe that I can visualize Carrie Bradshaw kicking up her heels in. And, Bobbie, such a flirty shoe that screams "spring is in the air".... (I can see a lot of bridesmaids wearing this shoe.)


If only I could actually afford a pair it would be so hard to decide on just one. Being an aspiring author/entrepreneur my money is being saved for a greater cause at the moment... My future and my dreams. (Yes, there is a time that shoes are no longer the most important cause..sigh!) But, one day I just know my feet and closet will know a lovely pair of SJPs.  Until then, I will just have to live vicariously through my Pinterest board, "Hello, Lovers! -CB". 

Little piece of information about me: One of my dreams is to design my own shoe line specializing in size 5. I even have vivid and detailed dreams about shoes I want to design...if only I could draw.

All photos courtesy of and Nordstrom on Pinterest


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