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Finding Your "Gold"

As the 2014 Winter Olympics came to an end this past weekend, I watched the closing ceremonies wondering just what my "gold" would be if I was the best at something. I believe that everyone has something that they are the best at. We may know what that is or we may still be struggling to learn what we are good at. Either way, we are all working our entire lives toward our own "gold metal" to be proud of. For me, I could never get out on the ice or slopes and physically do what those amazing athletes have trained years for. And, I'm sure this is the case for many of you. Winning a "gold" in your life may be something as simple (but in no means any less challenging) as being rewarded as a mother watching your child succeed, becoming a doctor and saving a life, or opening a business and being known for the best bread pudding in town...and maybe even making a version of it for those of us that are gluten free! 

All of us, to some degree, want to be recognized by others rather large or small. For me, I am on a personal mission, what I like to call Worthy Of Love, to find out why I am given the name with that meaning by making my name mean something to others. I know I have been given a gift to write along with an empowering story to tell to the world. With every step forward I take, the closer I become to receiving my "gold" to wear....may I opt out of the bulky non fashionable gold Olympic metal and have a Cartier LOVE bracelet that I've been dreaming of since I was in the fourth grade!?! The point is, after hours of watching the Olympics, my mind is occupied with a few more names such as Jamie Anderson, Sage Kotsenburg, and Charlie White and Meryl Davis... it's not that hard to figure out that my favorite sports were the figure skating and slopestyle snowboarding! And, maybe one day I, too, will have a name that is recognized for something great that I've achieved. 

So.....Congratulations to all the Olympians for finding their gold, especially the USA who brought back 9 gold metals, 7 silver, and 12 bronze. Regardless, none of their efforts and dedication should be over shadowed by not bringing home a metal! And, whatever obstacles may be faced, you have to keep on fighting for that "gold". The world, no matter how big or how small, deserves to see what you have to offer.  

I could not have had a better tea inspiration to start my day with this morning: "Share your strengths, not your weaknesses." -Yogi green tea Waking up with this post on my mind and getting that tiny little clarification with a cup of tea is just another small sign that I'm on the right track. 


Here's an image of one of the top moments from the opening and closing ceremonies. Nice to see the people of Russia have a sense of humor about the glitch that took place at the opening ceremony. We all need to take note and try to laugh the next time something doesn't go as planned. Because, who knows, it might just be that little thing that makes you stand out and be remembered! 

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