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aspiring author of a memoir motivating & inspiring along the way by teaching people they are Worthy Of Love & to be proud of their walk of life

The Blogger Tag

I was tagged by my best blogger friend, Yari from Yari's Adventures to answer a few more questions so all my readers can get to know a little more about me from another perspective. Yari and I are actually working on an exciting collaboration blog post together so look to hear more from us soon! 

1. Why did you start blogging?  

I started blogging to give myself a voice and an outlet to some of the causes that are very close to myself. My ultimate goal is to reach out to those who have been bullied and bring light their way. I am on a mission to get a memoir published but recently I have been thinking of other ways I can tell my story with the same great impact.  

2. Who's your idol? 

I have so many people throughout my life who have influenced the person I am today. But, right now, in my life I strive to be more like Maya Angelou. I feel I have always had a little "Maya" in me and it's time to show the world what greatness God has given me. 

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?  

Realistically, my dream would be to live on a vineyard in California. Other than that..Australia or England. Tea time, anyone!? :)

4. What's your signature scent? 

A lot of smells give me a headache, including hairspray, so I love the mild natural smells which changes. Right now, I can't get enough of Bath & Body aromatherapy eucalyptus tea-body cream, body mist, body wash..all! 

5. What's your favorite makeup brand?  

Hands down, Nars!  

6. Would you choose high street or high end fashion?  

Why choose? I absolutely love splurging on those "investment pieces" that stay in your closet for a lifetime. There is nothing better than a good find on an affordable piece. I love to spend less money on the more trendy items so I am saving for the things I want to wear season after season.   

7. What's your favorite song?

I honestly don't have a favorite. I think I get bored with listening to the same thing over and over and move on to the next "favorite" at the moment.

8.What's your favorite album?

I am partial to my Whitney Houston CDs, every time I pop one in my car is takes me back to so many special memories! 

9. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Twitter. It allows you to reach the world and meet people you would not have the chance to otherwise. I absolutely love all my "Twitter friends"! 

10. Which celebrity style inspires you? 

Audrey Hepburn for her class, Rachel Zoe with her 60's inspired style, Kourtney Kardashian's modern flare and others like Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker that I find myself looking at for inspiration. 

11. What's your best holiday?

My birthday is a holiday, right?! I love Easter and everything that it stands for. It gives hope that we all can start anew! 

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