Amanda Faith Wright


aspiring author of a memoir motivating & inspiring along the way by teaching people they are Worthy Of Love & to be proud of their walk of life

Aspiring author of a memoir using this website to inspire and motivate along the way. Eager to see what opportunities may arise from this.

Welcome to my own safe haven where you can expect to get to know little by little who the authentic Amanda F. Wright is. While my name means worthy of love, I am on a personal journey to seek out why I was given a name with such a meaning when I haven't had the most abundance of acceptance and love in my life. I want to fully believe I am worthy for each and every one of my many elaborate aspirations and dreams to come true. What can I say.... I am a big dreamer! There are a few things I can promise you will get to read about more often. They include:

After becoming incredibly sick with digestive issues during graduate school, my whole life goals and perspective changed. My current lifestyle consists of being a vegetarian for the past three years, only eating chicken on occasion because of the small town, USA, where I currently live, does not offer many vegetarian options while eating out. Also, to make life a little more challenging, I have been gluten free for a year now. Honestly, I could not feel any better physically and as a person. As this is still a learning phase each and every day, I have now become aware of many products that are not cruelty free to animals. I can guarantee that any product that I mention on my site will not have been tested on animals. 

I am a proud survivor of being bullied. I am a confident woman in who I am and proud to have only been made stronger by something that brings so many people down. It still leaves those occasional effects on your life, even years later, but I have persevered through even being discriminated against by teachers, counselors, and the school principal. Being told you cannot graduate or you will never be anything just because of who you are only helped fuel me to achieve my highest earning degree of a Master's of Business Administration from an accredited University. One of my many aspirations is to be able to tell my story across the world in hopes to help many others who have been in the same situation. And, if I am fortunate enough to do so, I want to change the way bullying is viewed and create awareness for more compassionate educators. 

Animal rights and bullying are two issues that are very close to my heart, but I would be lying if I said I didn't have a passion for fashion... and home decorating. I love all things of beauty. It is actually one of my favorite topics to write about even though I have not made much time to do so. Maybe if I am lucky enough I will get an opportunity to be paid for this love of mine. Another one of my aspirations is to design my own shoe line, specializing in size 5 shoes. I have dreamt of many shoes over the years and the dreams of them are still vivid. 

Other things about me... I am a natural born leader and motivator. Even though I have been shy most of my life, I can see myself talking to large crowds in order to shine light into their lives. I cannot cook to save my life but this is something I am willing to work on and learn as to conquer my inability to do something that keeps one alive! I love all things holistic, natural, and organic. I live each day converting more and more to that really isn't something that can be done over night! And, last but not least, I would not be ANY of these things without being a Child of God. He is my reason for being the person I am today with the gifts I have to offer others. 

I hope that while I am on my journey to find my self worth that I touch yours in the ways that are needed!


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